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Only $10.00  Available at the Monarch Pub in Fountain City and through members of the Shamrock Club.

Makes a Great Present!

Congratulations 2022
Irish Rose: Debbie McGrury
Irishman: Dave Burgess

Gerard​ O'Flaherty

 Club President
 Celebrating 47 Years  of all things Irish 
          and a proud supporter  of
August 12,13,14

Upcoming events


11th Moon Toons at Riverside Park
@5:30 pm (Irish Music)
12-14  Irishfest
23rd-Poem, Prose Limerick Contest
@ 6pm Freighthouse

10th-Steppin Out in Pink
11th-Coulee Celtic Cup
18th- Applefest Parade (1 pm)
21st- General Meeting( 6pm)
28th- Festmaster's Ball
29th- Torchlight Parade

1st- Maple Leaf Parade (10 am)
19th- General Meeting (6 pm)

Irish Rose Luncheon 2022 Past Irish Roses celebrating our current Irish Rose Debbie McGrury