Greater La Crosse Area Shamrock Club
2016-2017 Calendar
Also listing Irishfest & Bantry Activities

June 7 Irishfest Board Meeting, Onalaska American Legion 530 pm
June 15 Shamrock Meeting - 6:00 pm at Shenanigans
June 30 Big Banger Golf Outing – Fundraiser for Shamrock, Irishfest &                Bantry, Valley High Golf Club, 9203 T-243, Houston, MN                        55943, $55 per person includes 18 holes, cart, sandwich,                      prizes - start time 10 am
July 2 Shamrock Brat Barn, Festival Foods, Onalaska, 9-6
July 9 IRISHFEST Irish Road Bowling, 10am – noon, Holmen, register             on web
July 10 Shamrock in Catfish Days parade, Trempealeau
July 10 Bantry Brat Barn, Festival Foods, Onalaska, 9-6
July 20 Shamrock Meeting - 6:00 pm at Shenanigans
July 21 IRISHFEST – Media Day – 10am, International Gardens,                         Riverside Park
July 23 IRISHFEST Pub Crawl (TBD)
Aug. 4 IRISHFEST – Board Meeting at 530 – volunteer orientation to                 follow, Onalaska American Legion
Aug 11 IRISHFEST VIP Dinner, followed by music at Onalaska                          American Legion (TBD)
Aug. 12-14 IRISHFEST – volunteers needed for Shamrock tables &                  general fest slots
Aug 12 Chuck Hanson - International Garden dedication immediately                following opening ceremony
Aug 31  Shamrock Club Meeting , 6:00 pm Shenanigans - 
                            *(moved for Parade Planning)

Sept.11 Sunday, at 1:30 PM Mindoro Lions Spanferkel Parade
               Line-up will be at County park 

Sept. 10 Stepping Out in Pink – Shamrockers
Sept. 11 Shamrock in Mindoro Spanferkel parade, 1:30 p.m.
Sept 15 IRISHFEST recap, appreciation dinner, Onalaska American                   Legion
Sept.21 Shamrock Meeting - 6:00 pm at Shenanigans
Sept. 29 Shamrock in Oktoberfest Torchlight Parade, evening
Oct. 1 Shamrock in Oktoberfest Maple Leaf Parade, a.m.-afternoon
Oct. 19 Shamrock Meeting - 6:00 pm at Shenanigans

  NOV 4th – As part of Global Initiatives week – Both the La Crosse Bantry Friendship Association and the Shamrock Club will have display tables at the Myrick Park Center on Friday,
 Nov. 4, from 4-7pm.

Nov. 16 Shamrock Meeting - 6:00 pm Shenanigans (Fun Night), Irish                   Rose/Man nominations due
Nov. 19 Rotary Lights Tree Trimming a.m.
Nov. 19 Shamrock 2nd Annual Pub Jig
Nov. 25 Rotary Lights Parade, 5 p.m.
Dec. 7 Shamrock Christmas Party Dinner (Wed.), Freighthouse
Jan. 18 Shamrock Meeting - 6:00 pm Shenanigans

Feb. Shamrock Irish Rose dinner and Irish Man lunch (TBD)
Feb. 15 Shamrock Meeting - 6:00 pm location  Shenanigans
Feb. 18  St. Pats Rehearsal Monarch Pub  New - Click here for details
March 4 Shamrock St. Patrick’s Dinner,  
March 11 IRISHFEST St. Patrick’s Day Parade, noon, downtown 
                La Crosse
March 17 Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Bus Tour (Friday)
April 19 Shamrock Meeting - 6:00 pm at Shenanigans (Nominations)
May 17 Shamrock Meeting - 6:00 pm at Shenanigans (Elections)

(Unless indicated otherwise,
 all meetings now will begin at 6:00)