Celebrating 42 Years of All things Irish
and a proud supporter of                     

 Aug 12,13,14, 2016

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JD Oelke
Shamrock Club President 

Next Events
New Irish Garden at Riverside Park
 Bill and Kathy O'Driscoll
Irish Man and Irish Rose for 2016

Only $10.00! - Available at the Monarch Pub in Fountain City and through members of the Shamrock Club.

 June 2016

(all the way from Australia!)
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August Recipe of the month
by Pam Smith

Next Meeting * Aug 31, 6:00pm Shenanigans 
*(moved  for Parade Planning)

Sept 11 Sunday,  at 1:30 PM
Mindoro Lions Spanferkel Parade
Line-up will be at County park

Oktoberfest Torchlight Parade
Thursday, September 29 p.m 7pm

Oktoberfest Maple leaf Parade
Saturday Oct 1, 10 am