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New English-Irish Dictionary
 from Foras na Gaeilge
 Aug 7,8,9, 2015

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Barrie Monks
Shamrock Club President 

John Harrington and Kelly Smith
Irish Man and Irish Rose 
 for 2015
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March Madness

​ July 15 - Shamrock Club Meeting
                  6:30pm at Shenanigans   

July 19 - Shamrocking at The Monarch
  12:00 till 5:00pm

July 23 - Irish Trivia at  Dublin Square  - 8:00pm

July 25 - Shamrock Club Picnic 
@ The Monks House  - 2:00pm till 8:00pm

August 6 - Irish Trivia at 
The Onalaska Legion 8:00pm

August 7,8 & 9 - Irishfest La Crosse