Celebrating 42 Years of All things Irish
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 Aug 12,13,14, 2016

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Barrie Monks
Shamrock Club President 

Next Events
New Irish Garden at Riverside Park

May 18 - Shamrock Club Meeting 
  - 6:00 pm   (Election of Officers)

Article VI ( Bylaws)

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Nominations must be made by the Nominating Committee or in person from the floor. The nominee must accept the nominations in person. A single membership will be allowed one vote. A family membership will be allowed two votes. Newly elected officers shall assume office in May following installation at the general membership meeting. Nominations will be received at the April meeting with elections to be held at the May meeting. Write-ins will be accepted on the ballot, if the person authorizes. Absentee ballots will be provided to those who request one and will be returned to the Nominating Committee.

 Bill and Kathy O'Driscoll
Irish Man and Irish Rose for 2016

Only $10.00! - Available at the Monarch Pub in Fountain City and through members of the Shamrock Club.